Eicr clarification

i received this today from openrent and wasnt quite sure of the meaning. we have had all our props done and provided tenants with a top copy of the test saying it passed. is this e mail saying you have to provide all the pages of the test to the tenant within 28 days or face a £30k fine or is it saying if you dont get the EICR there is a #30k fine.
Incidentally i cant help thinking all these fines for landlords are getting out of hand, we are selling off steadily now as tenants have so many rights and landlords have some many restrictions that its hardly worth getting into private rental anymore. The tax when you sell CGT has no cost of living allowance anymore (taper relief) . every law they bring out has big penalties now for non compliance and its out of kilter. there are already laws for not having a safe installation. a tenant gets electrocuted / gassed/ burnt down to landlords neglect the landlord goes to prison , fined etc thats the law. anyway

excerpt from openrent:

All Rental Properties in England Need EICR Before 1st April 2021

As we’ve previously highlighted, from 1st April all rental properties are legally required to have an up-to-date EICR.

An EICR (which stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report ) checks that all electrical installations in the property - such as light fixtures and electrical sockets - are safe before the tenant moves in. Landlords with rental properties in England need to obtain this certificate before 1st April, and serve it to their tenants within 28 days of the inspection.

Landlords who fail to do so will face a fine of up to £30,000.

You do have to provide the tenant with a full copy of the report. You can send it by email if you have the tenants written permission to serve notices and documents by email. I wouldnt lose sleep if youve gone past the 28 days though. Just send it now. I think the councils will have their hands full with the thousands of landlords who have not even bothered having the inspection.