Do landlords need to repair security lights?

We started renting a property nine months ago.

The house has a rear security light on it but it’s never worked.

Does the landlord have a legal obligation to repair it?

There’s no mention of the light on the itinerary or within the contract.

Hi, if it’s an issue with a lightbulb not working, then that would usually be the tenants’ responsibility. If it wasn’t working when you moved in, and it’s not listed in the inventory, then it would be quite hard to persuade anyone that the landlord has a duty to fix it. If you’re unable to fix it, then you could ask the landlord if they’d help fix it, but if they refused you may not have much recourse to get them to do it.

Hopefully the landlrod will be happy their tenants likes to keep things in working order and offers to help!

No obligation on the landlord