Do you insist on advance rent for non-UK citizens if you can't do credit checks on them?


Vast majority (like 95%) of inquiries for our property are from newly/recently arrived applicants from Commonwealth countries. We can’t check them, but each time we ask if they could pay in advance, they refuse. Many have job contracts in NHS for a couple of years.
Would you go ahead and rent to them without any security net?
We did viewing for one guy and then another couple, and they both started haggling assertively as soon as they came. We felt very uncomfortable. I guess it’s a clash of cultures.

I get that with a certain group of customers for my product They ask can you sell it cheaper . I say no . They ask again , I say no and" If you ask a third time I will not sell you anything " I always stick to my word.We do not need these individuals, plenty of others out there

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I guess this demographic are unlikely to have 6 or 12 months rent upfront. I would be a little more reassured if they have an employment contract from a well known employer like the NHS.

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