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I will settle in the UK in few weeks for work in a company, and I am looking for a flat. I want to know what the landlord (or real estate agency) will request from me (as doc) in order to accept to rent me ( i know that they will request my work contract ) but do they want more documents ?

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They’ll need proof that you have a right to reside in the uk. If you have a visa that’ll do.

If you rented in the country you’re living now, they’ll want a reference from your current landlord and possibly previous if you haven’t been at the property for long. If you have no rental history I’m not sure what reference they’d accept.

I imagine you won’t have UK credit and couldn’t have a UK guarantor - they may want to see bank statements or something showing proof you can afford it.

If you can offer several months upfront then going to monthly payments, that can help reassure. If you do this - make sure it’s in writing it switches to monthly after the initial term. Our current landlord pulled a fast one on us and once it was time to pay monthly, tried to demand we pay in 6 month chunks or else charge a 12% rent increase.

Spend time in this forum to understand your responsibilities and rights.

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