EICR - where to find?

Hi there !

Can anyone tell me the rules around EICR - Were not sure we have been given the report or if it’s been done ? We moved here in January this year.

Also we have just seen our EPC is invalid and out of date since yesterday. Does this mean anything to us (tenants)

EPC expiring during the tenancy is not a problem. It only has to be valid at the start of the tenancy.

The EICR is the Electrical safety report and should have been given to you before you moved in. I would suggest you deal with it as an oversight on the landlord/agents part if you’re otherwise happy with the place and ask them for a copy now.


Thankyou ! This is a legal requirement and what ramifications does this have on the agency/ landlord if not given or even done ?


The local authority could choose to prosecute the landlord for failing to get an EICR, but they may just choose to tell them to get it done now. As far as I know there are still hundreds of thousands of landlords breaking the law in this way. Councils sometimes take a pragmatic approach. This does not necessarily mean their property is unsafe though.

Ask for a copy as you have misplaced yours.

Ref the EPC, I went through this discussion before, if it expires during a tenancy.
I came to the conclusion that you can only rent to people if you have an E or above, so if you don’t have a current EPC how do you prove that it’s ok to rent.
I renew mine on expiry now.