EICR failed and four C2 items - do they need doing and is it worth it?

Hello OpenRent community,

I am a new landlord and am currently in the process of renting out my existing residential property (as I have moved out of the area), to the point where I did the EICR test just a week ago but unfortunately failed. The EICR company quoted me a fairly excessive amount I believe for four C2 items. However, I am not entirely sure how the EICR market works, hence this post. Note that when the EICR check took place I wasn’t in the property, which in hindsight should have at least one of my friends attended and given me unbiased feedback.

First, they have quoted 3 quantities of ‘Install Accessory OE1’ to address photos 1, 2 and 3, in order to ‘Isolate/reconnect supply, repair or renew any type of socket outlet, FCU, back box, pendant/Baton holder’. To me, apart from photo 1, both photos 2 and 3 look very normal to me and nothing major, hence I don’t think they need fixing at all.

Second, they have quoted again 3 quantities of ‘Labour/Materials OD2, OD6’ to address photo 4, in order to ‘re-wiring loft lighting and supporting cables in landing cupboard’. And they say 3 quantities mean 3 hours work. Also, I am not entirely sure why this light bulb needs any work. Does it look unsafe?

Third, they have quoted 1 quantity of work to ‘install water/gas bond up to 20m OB1’ to address photos 5, 6, 7. This is the work that makes more sense to me, as it feels like these electrical wires are hanging around and might impose risks of electrifying. My question for us here is, do we have any example (i.e. photo, or product listing from B&Q for example) that I can get a feel about what the end product will look like?

Fourth, they also charge an attendance fee (which is over £100 VAT inc.). Does it make sense? I would have thought if I went with them for remedial work, certainly this can be waived?

In addition, it may also be argued that having a second company to visit and do the check again that would be best and compare. But considering the cost of the check itself (mine is around £180 mark incl. VAT in Southampton, what about yours?), it feels that making good use of the current EICR makes more sense as the current quote for all these is below £600 incl. VAT.

In summary, my questions are

  • Do these really need doing?
  • Are they worth the price?

What do you think?


You are under no obligation to use the EICR inspector to rectify faults

Could you post the actual C2 notes from the EICR?

And this is a rental ?

Thanks @Neelix for the reply.

The actual C2 notes are as follows:

  1. Item 1
    1. Observation: No visible main protective bonding conductor present to main incoming water pipe.
    2. Location: Unable to locate. Continuity to MET<0.05 Ohms
    3. Regulation: 411.3.1.2
    4. OB1
  2. Item 2
    1. Observation: Connection of live conductors adequately enclosed
    2. Location: loft lighting exposed terminals and wired in flex
    3. Regulation:(526.5)
    4. OD2
  3. Item 3
    1. Observation: Cables are not adequately supported.
    2. Location: landing cupboard cable and enclosure on the floor
    3. Regulation: Reg 522.8.4
    4. OD6
  4. Item 4
    1. Observation: Damaged Accessories
    2. Location: toggle switch, flat plate switch compressing cables, extract fan switch
    3. Regulation: 416.2/621.2
    4. OE1

I think Item 1 here refers to Photo 5, 6, 7; Item 2 is Photo 4; Item 3 is Photo 1. Item 4 is Photo 2, 3.

And this property has been residential and will be a rental property starting in two months time.

Those are reasonably well documented and I wouldn’t dispute them.

As you need a satisfactory EICR to rent the property out then you have no option but get remedial work done.

Have you got the EICR stating unsatisfactory?

You have to put up umbrellas to protect yourself from the rain, this is an umbrella to protect the tenants from being killed and you sued.
£600 for this umbrella which lasts for 5 years, thats only £10 a month against rent of ??.
Get it done, piece of mind is priceless.

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That’s correct - totally agree that remedial work needs to be done now.

And yes EICR now states unsatisfactory.

Thanks @Leslie1!

I agree with you - will get it done asap.

Cant comment on cost and electrics, you could try another Electrician?. But you absolutely need the EICR - We have a DHS tenant in a property were are needing to sell - He’s been in 5 y his rent and drugs fund by everyone’s tax monies, we finally got an Electrician in to do the new EICR but our tenant is wielding a knife and threatening to stab anyone and he stated he’d tampered with his Elec supply!. In order to evict we need a Selective license, we are not in the area, we never received this notice, the Agent who is paid to fully manage thinks not knowing about this license is nothing to do with him too. To get the license we need the EICR which we will need for Court and Council to evict second round of S21. Same as HMO’s you need them. It’s when it comes to Councils, Insurance, Court action all this paperwork is essential. Its worth joining NRLA for free advice and referrals to contractors and using OpenRent as they also keep you compliant. Good luck being a landlord !

Oh my god - that’s horrible! I hope things are settled now? Did you pick the tenant yourself, or it was the agent who picked it for you? It must be dreadful to have such a tenant on your property!

Thanks for the advice for joining NRLA. I have been thinking about it but haven’t really decided to join yet. Given I only have one property so far, is it worth doing?

I have been also using Rent Now on OpenRent for now and it’s serving me well so far, particularly on the compliance front, though OpenRent didn’t seem to stress the needs for smoke alarm, heat alarm and CO alarm, which is a bit odd.