EICR report questions


I have 2 properties and just had EICR’s carried out. First report says satisfactory but still outlines a number of work that needs doing - combination of C1,C2,C3 and FI. Managing agent says as long as report says satisfactory I have nothing further to worry about…how can this make sense? Also initially the electrician said property needed full rewire and quoted me 2.5k for this work, how can he backtrack now? The property is about 60 years old

2nd property is only 14 years old and already needs work doing costing 600 quid. One reason is the smoke alarms are out of warranty…

Should I be concerned about these reports, is this electrician taking me for a ride? He was recommended to me by managing agents who have always been very good.

All information/advice appreciated



Attached photo of works needed on 14 years old property - should it cost 600 quid to carry out works?

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You cannot be satisfactory with a C1 or C2. That has to be rectified within 28 days
That looks like a scam
Maybe you need a second opinion. find an electrician who is used to doing HMO certificates as they are used to it
Find an electrician that is trusted on the NICEIC database
Rewires are recommended every 20-25 years
When was the last rewire?

Send the report to their governing body and ask for advice on how to proceed
£600 for alarms is excessive
How many is he putting in
If he is putting in Lithium battery ones then they are circa £50 an alarm
Are they already integrated
Is he having to put in the integrated supply too?

Thanks for your reply. Agree it does sound dodgy and I am not particularly impressed by electrician so far. Report says satisfactory but has recommended works and investigations. Even if I have email from managing agent confirming all is in order and email confirming they have provided tenants with copy I assume I am still responsible? Or if anything goes wrong do I point finger at the agent/electrician?

I have uploaded screenshot of works recommended for other property - does 600 quid seem realistic for this?

I might sound cynical but get the impression that electricians have landlords cornered now and can charge as much as they like now, difficult for me to know what is right/wrong

You as the Landlord are liable for all electrics
Penalties are up to £30K
You must rectify C1 and C2
£2.5 for a rewire is cheap. I paid £4k
Read the link as it will go through everything
There is no screen shot

Thanks again

I guessed I would be ultimately responsible. £2.5k for one bed flat rewire is realistic?

This is screenshot for the property needing rewire. Also edited initial post and uploaded a screenshot of other property outstanding works.

I would get two or three quotes from NICIEC trustworthy list

They should not have passed the certs without bonding. It’s a fail flat out.
I don’t know if you need a require. Putting on bonding is not that expensive
How old is the circuit?

I don’t know how many alarms you need but £600 to include integrated supply is not that bad

Yes, if works are needed there is no way the report could ever be satisfactory. Frustrated that the managing agents missed this and acknowledge i am ultimately responsible for ensuring safety of tenants regardless. Makes me question why I am paying 8% per month management fees tho.

£600 quote is to correct all the works listed, not just the smoke alarms. Not certain whether smoke alarms are integrated tbh, only 2 smoke alarms in the property.

Is there a specific NICIEC trustworthy list somewhere? Do you mean I should pick another couple of NICIEC electricians to take a look at the properties?

Look on their website for trusted traders

I would advise you to get other quotes and see who is more competitive in price just like you would for any job

Perfect, will do, thanks for your help so far. Final question - do you suppose I can email copies of the existing EICR reports when I am looking for alternative comparison quotes? Or does the whole process have to start from scratch.

Just want to make sure I get everything done correctly to protect me, my tenants, my properties, and not be afraid I am getting ripped off because I know nothing about electrics.


That is your choice
A second opinion may not just come into to do someone else’s work

Might be cyancial, as not all can be bad surely, but I wouldn’t use anyone recommended by letting agents, I would rather find my own. It’s up to you, but I’d also not show previous reports would rather an fresh, unbiased opinion.
Again the cynic would say that if you got a dodgy electrician they could agree it needed doing even if it didn’t.

Thanks for that, think I will make some enquiries about getting 2nd opinions.

be aware most electricians do NOT make good any chasing out or holes in walls

Hi Mulherng,
About the smoke alarms. You get what you pay for. My electrician is a personal friend and we had a long discussion about fire alarms. I want the best possible - no way I want a dead tenant on my conscience. I paid about £200 per alarm. One of the features was that they are radio linked, so if one goes off, they all go off. And without understanding the technology, they detect electrical faults as well as smoke.
If your man is providing materials in his price like new fan, new fire rated downlights, and the RCD’s, then £600 is a reasonable price.

For what it’s worth, I always get all the recommendations done even if the report is satisfactory. You can’t let tenants live there with a faulty fan, in my opinion.

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Thanks for that Mike21, totally agree with you - no way do I want a dead person on my conscience.

Think I better speak directly to the electrician to clarify exactly what the situation is.

Hi I just had my 2 bedroom ground floor re wired it was £2600
This included 2 hardwired smoke alarms

I then did all of the plastering and replaced coving etc to make good of the walls etc

Pretty sure type C1 and C2 must be done.

In Newcastle I had the main panel replaced with a new one with RCDs on all channels, bonding between the gas supply, panel and boiler, and a light replaced for £660, if that helps as a guide.

(I haven’t visited the property since, to see whether it was made good, but the tenant hasn’t complained)

Be wary if being recommended wireless linked alarms. Some councils will insist on hard wired interconnected within their licence conditions, also bearing in mind that many councils are bringing in selective licencing even if you have properties that don’t need licencing at the mo. I’d personally go for future proofing and hard wiring (yes floorboards up etc!).