Electrical Safety Report: Remedial work quote

The duration of an EICR is up to 5 years as a rental property.

Line 2 is a C2

Thanks Neelix. From my perspective, this highlights the inconsistency in the testing regime and issuance of EICRs:

NICEIC registered Engineer 1 only insisted on an RCBO for the lighting ring. Nothing on socket rings.
NAPIT registered Engineer 2 said the lighting RCBO is unnecessary and that the lack of RCD/RCBO as shown in point 2 is only a C3.
Neelix says that it is a C2.

Both NAPIT and NICEIC have told me there is no Gas Safe equivalent for electrical installers otherwise I would be reporting this matter. I’m all for the safe use of utilities for my tenants but not when I feel like the system is designed as potentially open to abuse by engineers.

Thank you. Any guidance on how the validity length of the EICR is decided upon? What criteria determines the maximum validity when there are only C3 observations?

It sounds as though a variety of possibly expensive outcomes are likely , depending on who does the check.

Like much else, it’s down to the experience and professionalism of the checker, not to mention their honesty. I’ve had electricians tell me EICRs are annual, so I don’t use them. The guys I use, also maintain my properties and are happy to give me 5 year validity.

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5 years is the maximum an EICR can be issued for in the case of a rental property

However , should you have tenants changing every 12 months, it would be irresponsible of the LL to not get a retest , say after 3 years.

I would only issue an EICR with less than 5 years if the IR results are low, as this could be a sign of deterioration within the property and a retest at an earlier date would be justified. This would be noted in the comments section too

Nilesh. Rcd protection for sockets was introduced over 20 years ago. This is why I would give a C2 and it’s justified.

You can issue an EICR with C3’s again and again

You’ve got off lightly. I was charged £1750 to wire a light in!

Why did you agree to do it ?

I have no reason to doubt what you are saying Neelix but it does highlight the inconsistency in the testing regime and the consequences for landlords. Peter’s example is an extreme but one of a great many where responsible landlords are being treated as easy pickings by the bad actors out there. Unfortunately, in +15 years of doing this, there appears to be a lot out there. Amongst the gas engineers too.

The lack of RCDs in my installation can’t be all of
i) no concern with 1st engineer
ii) a C3 with 2nd engineer
iii) a C2 according to you

UPDATE: After relaying some guidance from Electrical Safety First about Part F (recommendations detailed/specific description) and Part K (observations where the C3s are recorded) to the 2nd engineer, he has decided to move the validity of the EICR certificate to 5 years. No other changes at all to any other parts except some actual description inserted in Part F where previously all it said was ‘satisfied’. For my part, I have said that I will find someone to install the RCBOs but not for the £150 he wanted. Last one I had put in (1st engineer) took 10 mins between entering the property and leaving after the job completed and tested and got charged £75 for the privilege. Had to pay as I needed the EICR. Banditry.

Its also possible that NAPIT spoke to the 2nd engineer after I sent them the original EICR he sent and I tried to query the short validity with them. Unlikely as NAPIT said they only deal directly with their registered engineers and not members of the public, they are not a regulator - only a certificate issuer.

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I’d always go with what the contractors have recommended to avoid and issues later.

I had a quote for £2400 for mains smokies and emergency lights ,with £2400 up front !! Got it done for£800 Shop around

NEVER pay up front for anything

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No RCD is either a C2 or a C3

It can’t be no code

I agree, shop around…

I have a modern 2nd floor apartment with a balustrade glass balcony. One of the glass panels shattered, shedding glass below in the vicinity of the entrance to the building, Luckily nobody was entering or exiting the building at the time. The tenant notified me of this when I was at the departure gate waiting to board a flight to Cape Verde for a 10 day holiday. Unusually, with my lease the leaseholder is responsible for the balcony. Anyway, I contacted the managing agents to make it safe and quote me for the replacement glass. They use a large national company with a fleet of vans etc. They cleared up all the glass and removed the shattered glass panel and replaced it with some hardboard to make it safe £285.00. The quote to replace the panel was expensive. I can’t remember the exact figure for the replacement glass panel but it was a considerable amount plus it required 2 glaziers @£300 each. I needed to get it done asap so I would have agreed to almost anything. I started an insurance claim and the insurance insisted on a 2nd quote. I posted the job on checkatrade.com and a sole trader quoted £165.00 for the replacement glass and £80.00 to fit it. I didn’t bother with the insurance in the end, the excess was more than the claim.

Shop around!

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love that story. It pays to keep a list of all the good tradesmen. I had a great electrician till he retired ( and younger than me)

Totally agree . Do not pay upfront , ever.!! If they cannot pay for the materials themselves first, then they are not very successful

I don’t wish to start a debate here. Your latest response only goes to reinforce my point. Previously you said no RCD is a C2. Now you’ve said it’s a C2 or C3. It can’t be both. There needs to be a definite set of criteria for inspection that can be applied uniformly to any standard domestic installation. It’s electricity. It’s on or it’s off. An installation is safe or it isn’t. The grey areas really don’t exist.

Nilesh. My point is that no RCD can’t be NO code - so engineer 1 is incorrect. No debate

C2 = potentially dangerous
C3 = installed to a previous version of the regs

Yes these regulations (BS 7671) are littered with issues that are never resolved AND I have to work with them every day