Is RCD protection on the fuse mendatory for rental properties

We had a EICR report issued in March 2021. We were warned that we had no RCD protection on the fuse board, but that was not mandatory then for rental properties. Now I am told by an electrician that this year in September all fuse boards have to have a RCD protection otherwise landlords would be at fault. Is that true? Do we have to change the current non-RCD fuse board with an RCD protected fuse board in our rental flat at 3rd floor in a purpose build building? Thank you.

Rcd protection isn’t required retrospectively, however the installation could be rendered unsafe without one.

You could have a perfectly safe installation thats decades old with no Rcd.

Sparkies have different opinions and some may be just drumming up business.

Often property with no rcd will just get c3 improvement required on the eicr.

Have you any c2 on the eicr?

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Hi, thank you for your reply.
No C2. On EICR "No RCD protection on any circuit - C3(improvement recommended) " statement was put on the report.
Out of curiosity, current tenant put a power breaker with RCD protection without my permition. He claims that power breaker was already there when the EICR inspection taken place in March 2021. Would the EICR show the power-breaker on the report? I can’t reach the electrician did the EICR to get the answer:(

C3 recommendation is not mandatory. It’s still satisfactory. I would consider having one regardless. It’s a safety barrier against electrocution.

I couldn’t say if your report would reference breaker. Probably not.

I recently fitted a new consumer unit which has additional new features (earthing and lightning strikes I think) replacing an old fuse board even tho it was compliant. If you are keeping property it’s worthwhile in my opinion and if u are selling it looks a lot better. Mind you I am an engineer and there are some who just look at costs.
It’s easier talking a tenant thru resetting breakers on the phone rather than pulling out fuses


For bathroom circuits without supplementary earth bonding and socket outlets that may be used for outdoor equipment yes a code 2. For most other areas it’s a code 3 and still a pass.

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