EPC Certificate Contractor broke the Ceiling


I requested an EPC certificate through OpenRent and an appointment was booked for today.

The contractor went up in the attic and he probably slipped there and broke the ceiling near the attic door. He didn’t update about the damage to the tenants. They found it later when he was gone and sent me a message with pictures.

I am out of the country for another month and I have listed my property for rent and this damage is going to cause a lot of issue for me.

I have sent a message to the service provider and the OpenRent through the online Message service as they are closed now.

I am not sure what options do I have in this case. I will appreciate if someone can guide me in the right direction, please.


What rotten luck. I hope OpenRent take this issue up for you, since the EPC man is probably covered by insurance to deal with your repair.


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