EPC (energy certificate)

My landlord is an impudent and very greedy even she breaks a law and didn’t apply for EPC for 2 her rented flats (there is no information on Gov website). It’s a fine of £8000 (£4000) for each flat… The conditions of the flat are very poor and I don’t say anything about saving energy… Who knows where to report about this to a landlord?

Have you asked her for the EPC ?

i asked her to do A LOT in the flat but she ignores. I have dirty mattress with urine and springs stick out to scratch me, wobbling and leaking toilet, no any heating radiators at the property at all and etc… a lot. She rent me just a shed for £1300 ))
And she will not able to receive it by necessary rating, her property will fail it

why did you move in?


she issued me a fake notice of eviction. Why do i need be bothered to warn her?

because she promised a lot to do before grabbed my money, even made a repair and bought a new furniture…

That does not answer the question .Why move in, did you not see the place first?

greedy and impudent seagull

I was going to tell you what to do . I give up.

we agreed by verbally she would make a repair and change something like a mattress but stopped answer as soon the contract was signed

i am working with this… not so easy to find something else and move, meantime a am making my crap to her ))

and also she took my money for 3 months… cannot give up aorund £4000…

wow that is a lot of money. .You need to get in touch with your local council Housing officer and explain the whole situation, Take pictures of all the defects and keep a record of everything that has happened

i done it, but looks like they cannot so easy manage with this, the court only

You need to keep on at them, keep pestering them . You deserve better

they look like have no legal actions to apply to her. Need a report from Environmental Health and then straight forward to court. Ald also drop something as no EPC

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As Colin says, keep going. Report the property to the Environmental Health department too.

In circumstances like this you may be entitled to withhold rent to pay for urgent repairs. Have a look at this: https://england.shelter.org.uk/legal/housing_conditions/taking_action_on_disrepair/withholding_rent

Thank you a lot. I try as i can …

have a word with SHELTER they can be quite aggressive. Often they they go off half cock without gathering both sides information but they seem to like going after landlords. they usually know the law though olga

Shelter the same as CAB are absolutely useless organisations to have a deal with. In London, they do nothing I don’t know about other areas… maybe better. I tried Shelter before, these 20 years old girls who just pretend to do something were not really managed with anything, all authorities kicked them out only my housing solicitor was very perfect in this matter.

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