Cold, draughty flat? New energy efficiency rules

Hi all,

I’m a journalist working for the i paper. I’m writing a piece about new energy efficiency rules coming into force from April, which require all rented properties (even those currently let) to be brought up to an EPC (energy performance certificate) standard of at least an E. That means anyone living in a flat with an F or G rating should receive insulation etc,courtesy of the landlord, unless he or she has applied for an exemption. The penalty for non-compliance can amount to £000s.

Looking to speak to tenants who live in an F or G rated property. Has the landlord upgraded it? Or have you heard nothing about the new rules? Happy for interviews to be on the record or off the record (which keeps you anonymous). Please reply to this thread or contact me on madeleine.cuff[@]



are you an ambulance chaser?

Hi Colin, not sure what you mean.Just looking for people (landlords or tenants) who have been impacted by this rule change in some way, to speak to them for a piece. Thanks, Madeleine

Hi Colin, Don’t worry I would ban any ambulance chasing!

Madeleine is writing a piece about how the new EPC rules are effecting the rented sector. I think it’s an important story (we’ve had quite a few posts about it over the last two years) so I invited her to the Community to speak to landlords and tenants about how it is affecting them.


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