EPC for long term pre EPC tenants

Hi, my tenants moved in before the existence of EPCs. Am I required to get one while they are living in my property or only when they leave?

Well you’ve already broken the law unless the property was previously exempt so I think you should probably get one done asap and serve a copy on the tenant.

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you need to check up on all things a landlord has to do for a tenant in a rented property

There was no such thing as an EPC when my tenants moved in so the property wasn’t exempt. My understanding was when EPC were brought in you only needed to get one when you got new tenants but the same tenants are still in the property.

My apologies. I believe that if your tenancy commenced before Oct 2008 you are not required to have an EPC until you re-market the property. The minimum energy rating also doesn’t apply.

Thanks for your replies David. They moved in 2007 but I have created new ASTs for them over the years. Is your understanding still that I don’t need an EPC until I re-market?

No, that would be different. If there are new ASTs you should have had an EPC. If there are any new ASTs since Oct 2015 then you also wouldn’t be able to use s21 for eviction, but you may be able to correct that by serving the EPC late, (but before any s21)

EPC, landlords gas cert, E/L inspection and any possible upgrade, serving deposit scheme info, recommend you do all if not already up to date and dairy them for future years.

Also review the ast you use to save future hassle.

Keeps life easier