EPC renewal confusion

I am seeing conflicting information regarding EPC’s.
Do you or do you not need to renew them if they expire during an existing tenancy.

An Epc lats for 10 years and that can include mutiple tenants

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You dont need to renew an EPC if it expires during a tenancy, only to market the property for sale or rent next time.

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That’s what I thought, guys. Am currently having a difference of opinion on Facebook (like you do) where some folk say it has to be in date at all times and they have had penalty notices from councils when they have let them lapse during an ongoing tenancy
Does anybody else know anything different ?

Colin, at the end of 10 years though ? What then? Do you still have to renew even if you have an existing tenancy or only when you start a new one or sell ?

Valid epc needed at beginning of tenancy, doesn’t need renewing during.

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@Mark10 that’s what I thought. Somebody sent me this from gov.uk as proof you need a valid EPC at all times.

I am reading that to mean only for epc’s that are rated E or below.
Is it me ???

However you read it.,at the end of 10 years get a new one. You may have done things that warrent a new EPC upgrade . The cost is so insignificant compared to the rent you get

I am not saying I won’t. I would just like it to clear, and it isn’t.

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For it to BE clear, sorry.

@Steve11 my reading off this document is that it it relates to the energy performance of a property and not the validity of an EPC.
The Government advice relating to EPCs states:
“The regulations require an EPC to be commissioned, if there is no valid EPC for
that building, before a building is put on the market.”
I can see no requirement in the legislation for there to be a continuity of EPC if an EPC expires during a tenancy. My belief is that if it expires during a tenancy you could leave renewing it until you wish to place it on the market for sale or rent.

My source of information: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/671018/A_guide_to_energy_performance_certificates_for_the_marketing__sale_and_let_of_dwellings.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjR8-bAt5T9AhUaZsAKHR7dCpYQFnoECCoQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3k0N5C3x_pnbqqpkxS_EX-

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Thanks @Steven17 that is a good way to explain it

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The MEES legislation doesn’t require you to renew an EPC.

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My understanding is that should the EPC expire during a tenants occupancy period is doesn’t need to be renewed for the tenant in situ at that time. It will need renewing for any future tenants, or if you need to remortgage as BTL lenders require a valid EPC.

It’s all as clear as mud really :blush:

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Best reply yet. you are right

they are wrong on that Mine all last 10 years. Go to a dfferent firm next time

I have never heard of a 5 year EPC . I have had many done all 10 years long, Whether the tenant goes or stays matters not . The EPC is on the building ,not the tenant

People often confuse the EPC and the EICR.