EPC renewals with existing tenancy

Can anyone clarify if you need to renew ECP when expired with existing tenancy . Last ECP rating c . Was valid at start of tenancy
Thanks in advance

Hi Allan, You don’t have to mid-tenancy, but you will need a valid EPC to advertise and create a new tenancy in future.

Full guide here:


Hi, your answer above is the opposite of what the blog says. The blog says clearly that from 1 April 2020 all existing lets need to have a valid EPC. I’m in the same position as the landlord above: EPC was valid at the start of the tenancy but has now expired and I had understood I need to get a new one in place. Is this correct? I am also wondering how it’s all affected by the lockdown - should I still be sending someone round to do the EPC check?

I have same query… mine is D, but is it valid once hits 10 yrs even for an existing tenant ( any grace on covid) otherwise might need to issue sect21 whilst still valid ?

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I am under the impression that its valid for 10 years but you may need to upgrade in line with current regulations .depending on the rating. I have recently upgraded 7 of my places with insulation between the floors. the epc was good anyway but the tenants were getting new carpets so I took advantage of a near empty room. It also helps that I deal in insulation and i am a joiner