Landlord wanting to renew EPC certificate before signing renewal - Indicative that they want to pull off tenancy?

We have been renting the same house for over 10 years without issues.
The tenancy expires in June, and typically the agency would contact us in April/May to ask to sign the agreement at their office, after which they would post it to the landlord to sign it and send us our copy when done.

The same happened this year, we agree to an increase in rent and signed the contract few weeks ago. So we are awaiting our signed copy.
In the meanwhile, the agency contacted us asking to let them for somebody to come over to renew the EPC certificate, because it has expired.
Now, as I understand renewing the EPC is only required when marketing the house for sale or a new rental, not a renewal?

The other reason can be to do something about poor insulation, but, while the house can be cold and expensive to keep warm, all that expenses are paid by us, so the landlord would have zero interest spending money on improving energy efficiency. Anything breaks they will either remove it without replacing it at all, or downgrade it by buying the cheapest replacement available, so I am ruling out this new certificate is meant to be followed by any improvement.

So I am wondering if there might be another reason beside planning to pull off last minute, given the contract is not binding until they sign it?

This would be very inconvenient, because I was made redundant by my 10 years employer just after signing the contract. I have budgeted to spend three months doing courses and freelancing for little money, before going for a new career, but of course I did so assuming I would not have to also spend to find another house and move there.

I understand that they would anyway need to send a notice, giving us two months time, possibly more if we do not find any suitable accommodation by that time?

Thanks for any advice!

It could be that they genuinely believe they need a new EPC.

The agent could be telling the landlord this so he can charge for his time and work in arranging it.


I presume a renewal is classed as a new tenancy as a fresh new agreement is signed.

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I think LL considers that that need to ensure they have covered it off. Also it allows them to understand what work they may need to do over the next few years. Seems sensible to me and a good thing not a bad thing.


Also needed for renewals. You are not allowed to rent a property out unless it has at least an E rating, and this is probably going to go up to a C. The landlord is probably wondering how much it will cost to bring it up to a C (or even meet E!). Its not just about having one before doing the marketing.Combined with all the other factors making letting property unattractive, landlord may well be doing their sums and thinking about selling up.


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