Legal Requirements for statutory periodic tenancy

My tenants have occupied for 9 years, always pay rent on time and I never hear from them. The tenancy runs out in June, tenants are very happy with the property, have asked if they can stay on and we have agreed a rental increase. The property won’t meet the new EPC requirements so if we roll onto a SPT am I correct that I don’t need to renew the EPC?
Is it a legal requirement to get a renewed electrical safety certificate after 10 years?
Any other legal requirements besides annual gas check with SPT?
I appreciate they can go with a months notice, but we will sell when they leave so not concerned about that.

You wont need to renew the EPC until you want to sell or re-let. If this is an SPT and the How to Rent guide has changed since the last time you issued it, you will need to serve the latest version. Other than that, all other things remain the same.

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