Estate Agent Demand Fees for Let only

Hi I am a accidental landlord. I have given my house on rent from Jan 2018 and my tenant is still in the property under rolling contract. I was using Agent service for Rent collection for last 18 months now I would like to stop agent services .Hence my agent is demanding late only fees @4.5% 12 months monthly rent and he is saying I have to pay said amount for every renewal until the current tenant is in the property ?. Could you pl advise .

Check your contract and in future beware!!

thank you I can understand to pay 12 months fees but it looks like he is expecting for each renewal till the tenant is in the property . Actually is not involved now between me and tenant as the current contract with tenant is rolling periodic contract

I get that. But maybe in the contract it says he can get a fee as long as the tenant is there . Bestto see a solicitor to check contract.

Ps in future cut out these agents and just use Openrent

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