Estate agent sent 2 different reports end of tenancy

Dear Guys

I ended my tenancy and requested deposit back.
The estate agent sent an email with a list of things to be deducted. I responded to them and proved what they statedwere inaccurate. So sorted this email.

Because they didnt manage to take anything, they sent me a week later another email containing another list of things that they want to deduct and they included alot of nonsense ( clean the gutter, rebuild external wall, clean exteriors of the porch, wear and tear in the bathroom).

My question: is it legal that they send me another email after the first one , with another list for deuctions?

It raised alot of suspicion that something not right happened between the two emails. Is this right?

How can I complain against the letting agent?

Have a look online at their complaints policy and follow it. If you dont get a satisfactory response, escalate the complaint to whichever redress scheme they belong to.

In the meantime, just refuse any deductions you think are invalid. It doesnt sound like they have much hope of persuading the deposit scheme of any of that list unless they have good evidence of before and after.

Thank you very much for getting back to me.
There is no complaint system on their site.
Only , an email for contact and online system for sending messages !

I have already emailed them about my concerns. However no response for a week now.

Also , in their website, it is not clear at all which redress schemes they belong to.

Also, the check out report has not been explained to us. And not sent to us
We dont know when exactly it happened and what was written in it and who did it.
We dont know if it happened by them or by somebody independent.
Are these things my right and the responsibility of letting agent?

As they dont have complaint system and not clear which redress scheme they belong to (on their site) , and have not responded to my concerns for a week now, and didnt explain what happened in the check out process to us, what should I do next? Are these valid reasons to raise a formal complaint?do I have to wait longer before making a complaint?

Contact Trading Standards and ask them to investigate. If they are not part of a scheme then they are operating illegally.

Also contact whichever scheme the deposit is registered with and express your concerns.

I would visit the agents office on a busy Saturday morning and ask loudly where my deposit is.


Dear All

Thank you very much for your support

Further to the previous post, we went for dispute with the agency/landlord

They said the following “Small wall in the driveway has been damaged, appears that they have bumped this with their car. It has separated with the bricks leaning to the side. This is a safety hazard and will need fixing. It was the tenants that caused this so I believe this is a fair deduction. Photos can be provided of the damage. This was never reported by the tenants”

This is entirely a big lie.
I never ever bumped my car intp that wall at all.
There is no single scratch on my car.
I have a 2 year no claim bonus certificate as I never claimed anything.

I didnt report this wall as I didnt notice anything wrong.

Also, I checked the inventory at the time of start of tenancy? And this wall or its condition was never written down anywhere.

We suspect any damage happened to the wall could be due to weather or Eunice storm ( which already damaged alot of other things in the house).
We reported all other things damaged by Eunice storm, but we didnt notice anything wrong with this external wall.

Moreover, this external wall was not mentioned in the first email declaring the completing of the check out report. It was only mentioned in a subsequent email ( after they found they are not going to take anything out of us)

What do you think guys? What should I do?

Just say all that to the deposit scheme adjudicator. Thats what the process is for. If theyre not convinced by the landlord’s story then they wont award them anything.

Dear David

Thank you very much
This is extremely helpful.

One more question that I really need your advice about.

The estate agent and landlord are claiming that we should pay for repair of bath panel.

We have reported this several times during our tenancy over the phone and during inspection

The estate agent took pictures of it during inspection.

The estate agent is hiding this information and hiding all the inspection reports.

Unfortunately, I didnt report it via email and all the evidence are wihin the estate agent.

Any idea or advice what should I do in this case?

You have to just tell this to the deposit scheme and hope for the best. The more evidence you can provide the better, eg details, dates, witnesses etc.