Eviction advice

Apologies for the long post , but would be so grateful for any advice!

Myself and my wife have been renting my fathers property since June 2018, with the intention of purchasing it by June 2021. Due to the effects of Covid 19 , we were honest and advised my father we didn’t think we would be able to purchase the property in that time frame, due to financial restraints.

The original agreement was thrashed out on email and it’s quite clear we were renting the property from him , and he had one condition, that he could come and stay in the box room temporarily if him and his lady friend ever split up.

The staying in the box room became more and mor3 frequent. We continued to pay all of the bills, council tax and rent. We also replaced a faulty boiler and a fitted oven and hob.

Since we have advised him we cannot purchase the house at this stage, he has been saying we are ‘lodgers’ and he will change the locks and turf us out if he sees fit. He has invited other family members to stay at the property, despite us paying all bills , council tax and rent !

My wife and I have found a new property to move to , but it could be 4x weeks before it’s ready. In the meantime he has told us to leave ASAP , threatened to change the locks and made completely unfounded allegations against my wife to which he has said if he feels the need to stay the property (he comes and goes) then we need to stay elsewhere!

We are both scared of the lack of tenancy agreement and are unsure of what protections we have.

this is very sad… you will have proof however of paying the rent and bills You have rights and cannot just be turfed out. You are still in a strong position as money has changed hands so there is an implied agreement.

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That is indeed sad.
His behaviour sounds quite bizarre and unreasonable. Has he got any underlying health problems, addictions, on medication or anything that may be affecting his reasoning and wondering what your relationship has been like with him in the past?
I ask as just wonder if it is possible to have a conversation with him or a neutral family member to mediate?
If you have somewhere else to go it would be reasonable for him to let you stay until the new place is ready if he could be reasoned with. Rent free in lieu of the boiler etc you have installed. Then he can have his house back and you move on. I take it the purchase is now off the table?