Eviction - diy or paid service?

Hello all,
I got an eviction to do but unsure which would be the best course of action.
Notice was served under section 21 on the 24th July.
Tenants were managed by letting agency - all paperwork in order.
Accelerated possession orders - Can be done by myself or better to use a paid service?

Many thanks


It depends on how confident you are. Have you checked the validity of your notice? See here: https://nearlylegal.co.uk/section-21-flowchart/

There is often never a right answer.

Personally I have only done the eviction a couple of times and last was about 8 years ago, but still would do it myself and there is loads of guidance online.

Just in case you have not already done this, you may want to ask your letting agent whether they have experience on the accelerated process and would give your paper the once over.

yes i have and it’s valid. i am confident in doing it myself but the form itself is getting me a bit confused on some of the questions asked.

agent haven’t been very helpful other than state the obvious one day before due date to move out ‘’ tenant has not found a place yet and still looking’’ which pissed me off to no end as i thought a fully managed service would handle things better than that so i’m not sure they’ll be ‘helpful’ for giving the papers the once over.

Are you a member of NRLA? If not, you should join. You can then call their helpline and ask them to talk you through it.