Existing tenant - swap to openrent

I am a landlord with an existing tenant (of 4 years) whose term is about to end, but we are both happy to renew.
We are both frustrated with the existing agent (who is adding little to no value but wants to charge healthy fees on both sides for the renew)
How could we get Open Rent to help set up an AST and administer the rent collection/holding the deposit.

Hi, thanks for the question. Unfortunately we don’t have a feature for this at the moment (I am working on one, though).

For now, our only process is a workaround using the existing features to set up entirely new tenancies for the first time. Guidance on that is here: https://help.openrent.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/115001596412-How-can-I-move-a-tenancy-onto-OpenRent-

Do tell me if you have feedback/thoughts. Sorry we don’t have this feature yet!