External Door - Glass Panel

Hi looking for some advice? Son 21 lives in shared accommodation, as he is a student. The house is 1940s build not renovated but I good condition.
It has a front door with a long oval glass leaded panel, leading to a glass porch.
He unfortunately slipped over shoes whilst opening the door put his left hand out to stop himself which resulted in him putting his arm through the glass panel.
This left him with a severed radial artery and nerve luckily he lives with student nurse quick actions saved his life, and he is on the road to recovery.
My question is should this have been saftey glass?? Or covered with some sort of film to prevent injuries?
Thank you in advance.

any door or window at a low level ,I think its below 800mm HAS to be toughened, laminated or a safety glass

Thanks for your reply appreciate it.