External wall insulation

In my current property i get an extremely cold North facing external wall, which has called condensation and mould throughout the house. I’m thinking of getting external wall insulation, which should sort out the problem.

Does anyone know if I’m entitled to any government financial help, if my tenants are dss?

insulation will not prevent damp necessarily it all depends on many elements to the equation, i.e. what kind of damp is it and how exactly is the damp occurring.

ask the local authorities this question regarding any grant yet you would defiantly need planning permission to alter the external view of the property also.

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The better solution but harder to do is insulate the INSIDE of the outside wall ,plasterboard and skim up I have done a few of my places and have no condensation. If a kitchen or bathroom a humidity fan is a must. I am a builder and I saell insulation so its easy for me. I am not a fan of external insulation as it can look ugly at window or roof levels