Extractor fan filter replacement - whose responsibility is it?

Hello there,

I wonder if anyone came across this and how they dealt with it.

My tenant is asking me to replace the extractor fan filters as the red light to change this came on.

Whose responsibility is it? The landlord or the tenant?


Hard to say. Consumables is normally regarded as a tenant responsibility, but it might depend how long they’ve lived there and whether the filter was already close to expiry when they moved in. If its a fairly trivial sum, I think I’d be inclined to just pay for a new one.

If you provided the fan you replace the filter.
It is the Landlord’s responsibility to maintain what they provide unless you have a contract that states otherwise.
We provide PIV units, humidity sensored fans and an extractor fan. The filters are my responsibility.
Personally I would do it. Do you want the wrong part ordered and then they complain it does not work etc

Light bulbs, fuses, hoover bags … consumables are the tenants’ responsibility.