Failed EICR Advise Please

I have a failed EICR and the only reason given is that the Consumer Unit box when they installed it they have cut the holes slightl to big where the wires go into the box and that this gap means that someone could put their fingers in there which would be dangerous. I have looked at the this and I do agree that the cut outs were slightly to big but the only solution I have been offered is to replace the entire consumer unit at a pretty high cost. I asked the electriction if another plastic outercasing could be used or the gaps filled somehow or plasic or rubber placed around the wires at the entry point but got no response.

Anyone any ideas on this as to me it seems a bit extreme that the complete CU has to be replaced for
this, but I do not not the exact ins and outs of the legislation etc.

Cost around £500


Thanks Mark

Scumbag electrician A 6 way split consumer unit is less than 100 £ and about 6 hours to do

£500 sounds about average for fitting a new fusebox. Dont think you have any choice about replacing it.

if you box in the top and bottom of the wiring on some batten no little fingers can get in. I have bought a few 6 way split load consumers units with breakers over the last few months They cost less than £80 each. The quickest i fitted one was about 3 hours and the hardest one took about 5 hours

Response from my electrician
'It’s correct about the holes failing it. But not necessarily a new board change but does need to cover the holes and be a solid fix that can’t be easily pulled out or fall out. It looks like it could have a piece of trunking fixed above it. Maybe it’s just easier for rge guy to replace it and upgrades the consumer unit as well to a 18th edition ? ’

Perhaps you should report the electrician that did that in the first place. Looks like he needs to go back to college!

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