Failed EICR report

I received a failed EICR report, to rectify it, it cost me over 1000 quid.

  1. 1.6 No isolator present at the main cutout from the DNO. C3 . Consumer Unit.

  2. 4.1 Front cover for distribution is restricted and hard to remove from metre cupboard. C3 . Consumer Unit.

  3. 4.2 Consumer unit is made of combustible material .

4, 4.4 No circuit chart present at consumer unit.

    1. 125 2kw cooker and 7.6 kw hob feed via 32amp radial circuit. ( cuicut 7 )
  1. 4.18 no SDP present.

Can anyone tell me the breakdown cost? Thanks.

get another quote from a different person

Sounds like you’ve already paid? Getting a retrospective quote from someone else won’t be easy. If he won’t give you a breakdown try his profession trade association and Trading Standards.