Fraudulent Listing ?

I saw an ad for a 1 bed flat in Facebook it’s really cheap unreal almost, I messaged the landlord and she said that it was cheap because she’s retired and doesn’t want to overprice the apartment, then she sent me her details and things didn’t match like she said she was 45 but on her id she’s 43, she has a ‘company’ which when I type in it says ‘404 page not found’ she’s been reassuring me that it’s legit by telling me the tenancy agreement and transaction will be through openrent, and I’ve rented using openrent before now she sent me the openrent link and it looks odd, it looks like a real ad but if you try to search for something else it immediately says error, and the website she sent me is openrent[dot]uk-openrent[dot]uk/ so i don’t know if I’m being scammed or is legit, if anyone could give their opinion. Thanks

scam… 100%. There are many Facebook rental scams using fake Openrent sites.

Please report the post on facebook


Anything that starts off with this is a scam. Don’t engage with the “landlord” anymore, I would report them to Facebook. Probably best to stop using Facebook altogether for finding rental properties.

Fake website URL, this is how many people get caught.

for future reference, all companies by law have to be listed at Companies House and if you search for that online, you’ll find a page where you can type in the name of the company or the name of the person and find their company info including how profitable the company is. It’s the only way to prove that a company is legitimate.

For precise searching, ask them for a company number as they’re unique.