False advert long term lease


Looking for some advice on the following. We signed a lease on a property in July. It was advertised as a long term let. When the contract come through it said initial 6 months. I questioned the letting agent and they said this was their standard procedure and it would be renewed to a longer lease in January. I have spoken recently with the landlady herself and asked her about the lease. She said she only wanted a short term lease and plans to sell the property so won’t be renewing. I said it was advertised as long term and that I wouldn’t have moved my family in if I had known this. She claimed she told the letting agent this. They are saying she didn’t and confirmed it was advertised as long term. I don’t know who is telling the truth but I’m inclined to think it’s the letting agent and the landlady is lying . Is there anything we can do here? I mean I know it’s her choice to sell but she falsely advertised it as long term. We are obviously fuming. Thank you in advance.

you signed now , you should have gotten it longer on the lease. Not word of mouth, on paper


It’s too late to challenge it. Extended term needed to be on the lease.

You only get 90 days to demand to unwind the tenancy and this has now expired, although you could still request it. What do you want to happen given what you know?

I’m confused sorry extended term? We were told that we would get a new lease with a longer term after the initial six months. Is the letting agent at fault or her? We have spent money making the house in better condition to live in . We have bought new furniture etc with the premise of a long term rental contract. Is what they have done even legal?

It depends on the context, “short term” can be used to describe any rental of less than 90 days such as an Airbnb which are governed by a completely different set of rules. So anything above 90 days may be described as being long term.

i would consider 6 months a short term in landlord terms I am a lanlords with some tenants of 10 years . Now that is a long let. !

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