Favourites list

I’ve favourited several properties, but now can’t find any way of finding that list. Where has it gone?


I found that if you sign in to open rent on your mobile phone browser, there’s an option to view your favourites when you click on the 3 lines to the top left of the windows.

I cannot find this option on my pc browser though.

Thanks Marcus. It didn’t occur to me to try my phone. Seems a really odd omission on the broswer site though. Unless we’re both still missing something

Agreed. I have searched high and low on my PC and cannot find ‘My Favourites’ anywhere

You should be able to see your Favourites list by going to Manage > Your Enquiries at the top of the page, then selecting Favourites on the left hand side.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to sort the listings or quickly and easily remove old/let agreed listings. And if the listing has been removed from the site there doesn’t seem to be any way to remove it from your list at all as you can no longer access the listing to remove your favourite tag.

Thanks for the heads up Linda! Unfortunately this does not appear for me. I only get the ‘Dashboard’ option under ‘Manage’

Thank you Linda! Much appreciated.

Oh strange! Perhaps there’s a difference between the Landlord vs. Tenant account/view. Hope you’re able to get it worked out!

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