Pictures in the "Favourites" list

Again, everyone has it, it costs nothing to implement and personally for me the Favourites list is simply useless without it.

Hi Andy,

We make it easy for tenants to view photos of their favourite properties by providing a link to the listing itself here.

Can you let us know what it is you’d find useful about having, for instance the property’s cover photo, on this page?


Hey both,

I assume that displaying the image would just make it easier to remember which property each one on the list actually was, so you don’t have to click into the link every time you want to go through all your favourited properties?


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Yes, Sam, thank you for getting a hand and I’m deeply confused and saddened by Georges’ question.

I mean no disrespect, but for me, it sounds like “Can you let us know what it is you’d find uncomfortable in getting to a 30th floor without an elevator, especially keeping in mind that for some mysterious reason everyone else has elevators?”

No problem Andy.

Sure I understand. I think it’s good to sometimes ask quite fundamental questions.

Hearing exactly what users hope suggested improvements will solve makes sure we’re not making any erroneous assumptions about what they requested — especially when not communicating face to face.

Plus, often a way of doing things emerges in response to a problem, and then we get attached to the solution so much that we stop looking for even better solutions. Asking the basic questions periodically helps us stay open to new solutions.

In this case, though, I’d agree with you that pictures are the best way to solve the problem. We’ve passed this onto the relevant people now. I’ll come back to you here as things progress…