[Feature request] Link accompanied viewing to a listing

It’s great that OR has accompanied viewing service; but it would be even better if it can be “linked” to a listing. For example, if I have a listing which I know I will be using accompanied viewing service for any viewing; then once a viewing request is initiated by the tenant, it can automatically go straight to whoever will be doing the viewing to confirm the availability. Currently I think a landlord has to be the middleman connecting the viewing agent and the prospective tenant.

You will need to screen the tenant thoroughly to ensure suitability before arranging a viewing, otherwise you will be inundated with viewings.

All viewings would need approving by landlord, unless you don’t mind paying through the nose for dozens of unscreened tenant viewings. (Would’ve been 80 plus on my last one)

It could work if the landlord chooses to reveal the viewing button to specific tenants.

@David79 @Mark10 This is a feature request; didn’t mean I will approve all viewings.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s a great point, and we know there is more work we can do on integrating the viewings service into our existing enquiry systems. This is on our radar, however I’m afraid I don’t have an expected date by which we’ll have implemented this.

Good to know it’s on the radar. Maybe I should apply for that developer position to get this implemented more quickly :rofl:

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I think most landlords would still want to approve viewings before they happen, especially if theyre paying for them to be accompanied. I think that most landlords only offer viewings to applicants who pass their initial sifting questions.

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That’s not what I meant.
By no means did I want to auto approve viewings.

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