Viewings on a Property I'm Currently Occupying

Hi all,

I’m currently a tenant for a rented property.

We’ve had some issues with our landlord / agency not being entirely truthful before, hence my question.

Our tenancy ends in under 2 months’ time and not possible to continue as the landlord is ending their tenancy with our agency.

This is all fine, but our current agency is arranging viewings for this property and from the emails, it sounds like it won’t be them undertaking the viewings.

They won’t give me contact details for who’s doing the viewings in our property and it all seems a bit weird.

More than happy to do viewings in our property as our contract states so in the last two months but should I be apprehensive about allowing others to do viewings in our current property if they’re not the agency we’re contracted with?

I’d really appreciate any advice!

I wouldn’t be concerned at all. The idea might feel abit awkward but its their job at stake. Everyone is aware of potential for hidden cameras.

Think it would be in order for them to tell you if you have requested the information.

It’s your home and belongings after all.

You could contact the landlord directly.

If their name is not on the tenancy request it from the agent

They have 28 days to provide it, but there’s no real reason why it should take that long.

Based on my limited experience as a viewer, I could propose a solution.
As mentioned before, contact the landlord and the agent organising viewings. Indicate that viewings without any information or notice disturb you a lot and you don’t really want to constantly deal with randomly coming candidates. And insist on arranging combined viewings in a queue - let’s say twice a week, for one or two hours, with an agent present in the property.
I personally visited many viewings of this kind when looking for a flat, and found it quite acceptable for current tenants. Possibly, it’s the best variant for both parties.

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