Fire alarm test certificate


I am in the process of applying for an HMO license and one of the things the Council has requested is a Fire Alarm test certificate. My question is, if the fire alarms are less than a year old is it also required to submit a fire alarm test certificate or will the initial certificate of installation and testing suffice?

It seems unnecessary to do so but at the same time I would like to be able to tick all the boxes to ensure that I’m given the license without any problems. For PAT Certificates I believe it is only necessary for any portable appliance that is more than a year old.

Thanks in advance.

give them a copyof the initial certificate and see what they say. I have just had a system fitted and they verbally said check the green light is still on every month. if the red light is on it has failed and needs a new battery.

Dear All,

First of all,
Fire alarm systems (GradeA or GradeD) need to be tested every week by the user (no certificate, just checklist)
Also, need to be tested and certified every 6 months and every year. (durations depends on regulations of councils)

For the second question,
PAT testing is required for any item which has a plug (items provided by the landlord); not only portable appliances.
Only, test frequency differs due to the type of the appliance.

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Ugur Ayikol

Hello All, Sorry if I am diverting the original topic, i thought it was similar. This is first time I am going to rent my flat ( purpose built flat, all 3 rooms and reception and kitchen on the same floor). I was also looking for HMO licence and I need to provide fire alarm test certificate. question I wanted to ask

1.) How to get the test certificate and who and provide?
2.) which alarm should i get installed, as per regulation look like a battery operated smoke alarm is ok for this - which you can easily buy from amazon and installed ourselves?


you need mains smoke alarms with mains emergency lighting… The elec. who installs gives certificate