Pat testing ? Is it legal or not

Hello I am a new landlord about to do a tenant renewal. I have my landlord insurance and gas certs all done.when I go to renew the tenancy agreement open rent won’t let me carry on with ticking I have had the property pat tested and certificate expiry date ???

I have had the electrics all looked at by a Electriction who is a friend and it’s all ok. Am I wrong to think it’s not a legal requirement to have a pat test certificate as the house is Not HMO??

Firstly I note that you have had a friend check the electrics and you think that makes things alright.
I can confirm there is definitely no such thing as friends in business.

Please ensure you have a Full electrical certificate in date they are usually issued with a five year timespan on them for renewal you can check this with the authentication body that the certificate comes from.

However getting to your question I am under exactly the same presumption as yourself which is that you do not need to carry out any PAT testing on anything unless the local authorities force you to do so which they are presently only doing in licensable HMO is as far as I can see.
However I do not know your tenancy what type it is or how long it’s for or your property situation so I cannot say 100% whether you need one or not I would need to presume that you do not however if the regulations are unclear you should contact the governing body of certifiable electricians along with your local housing private department at the local council as well as going online and check in with shelter between these three checks you will have absolute certainty of the regulation.

You also have the added fact that you are going through open rent so they them self might have their own independent regulation and policy wanting people to carry out the test so I would email them finding out their protocol also maybe.

You may also want to check if what you think you need a PAT test for actually is needed in any instance as I don’t know what appliance you’re thinking may or may not need one.

Don’t forget it’s not even paramount to get the electrical check however it will be soon, I have a HMO and I don’t even need to have PAT test done for instance so there’s a lot of different situations and scenarios not an exact one rule as I only know I don’t need it because the local authorities private housing department sector have confirmed such.

Ok thanks for your help I will just get one to cover myself and it looks like open rent want you to have one to use there renewal tenant agreement through there website. Thanks Jordan

I have always got certified so i can sleep easier rather than to comply