PAT certificate

The lease generated by the openrent system requires the landlord to tick “Property has a valid PAT Certificate or all portable appliances have been checked by a competent person.” However, this is not a legal requirement and I am not providing any such appliances to the tenants.
But the form generator requires to you tick that box and put a certificate expiry date!
Surely this can be bypassed, but how?


Hi Will,

Did you ever get a response to this?



I don’t understand this either. If the property is let unfurnished surely there are no appliances to be tested.

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Just tick yes & leave the date blank. This does not form part of your contract with the tenant. Its just so Openrent can remind you when it is due / send marketing.

Frustratingly I’ve just spent £50 on PAT Testing IMO. Waste of money, I had the oven tested as was a portable appliance as well as the boiler. The Washing machine was fixed and would have struggled to get it out so visual check along with the dishwasher. Not worth doing, wish I saw your message earlier!

There is no formal PAT Test Certifiate, nor is there an expiry date. It is up to the landlord to decide how frequently tests should be repeated based on his judgement of the appliance concerned. For example a portable appliance that is frequently used, like an iron of a kettle, should be tested more often than a fixed appliance like a fridge. Double-insulated appliances (such as table lamps) need only a visual inspection to check there is no mechanical damage. This is all explained at the HSE webpage Maintaining portable electric equipment in low-risk environments.