Fire safety for a 3 storey HMO property

Hello fellow LL,

We recently bought a 3 storey townhouse (2007 built), and decided to let it out as HMO. This is our first 3 storey property so no sure about the fire safety requirements.

All rooms, including kitchen, have a fire door leading to the centrally positioned staircase. The staircase leading to the main door with thumbturn knob to unlock. The ground and first floor rooms have escape windows so no problem from fire safety point of view. However, the 2nd floor rooms have no escape windows (for being too narrow).

Questions: are fire doors satisfy the fire safety regulation? do we have to replace windows in the second floor rooms to meet the requirements as escape window (even though unlikely anyone can/want to escape from a 2nd floor window)?

Thank you.

You need a Fire Risk Assessment and to follow the advice they give. Also check all hhe Council requirements for HMOs on their website.

Have you considered the electrical installation and the changes to the regs for HMOs?

2 nd floor windows too high ( my own case) need smokies/ emergencey lighting. Fire doors to flats and door closers . L/a inspectors will advise

Since last year AFDD electrical protection now a requirement. The escape root out of the house requires half hour fire protection and emergency lighting best to ask an niceic registered electrician who knows council requirements in your area