Room classification for smoke alarm

Can anyone confirm what is classified as a room in relation to smoke alarm requirements on each floor?

Is a ground floor entrance hall leading to an upstairs flat (private stairs for flat only) classed as a room and does it require a smoke alarm?

I have always had a working alarm in situ but is it actually a requirement?

always a smokie in hallways. not a room ,but it is an escape route . Likely it also needs an emergency lighting unit

@Mark10 is this an upper floor leasehold flat where the freeholder owns the ground floor entrance lobby? If so, then its the freeholders responsibility to do a fire risk assessment of the lobby and act accordingly, (smoke alarms, fire doors etc). If the building is a conversion that doesnt meet the 1992 building regs and more than a third of the flats are let then the building will be a s257 HMO and that requirement is in that legislation.

If you cant persuade the freeholder to do that, I would suggest that as a minimum you put battery powered interlinked smoke alarms in the lobby and your flat as you would have no authority to do any hard installation in the lobby. If the freeholder wont act then you may also have to assume other fire safety responsibilities as per the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022.

Upstairs purpose built self contained leasehold maisonette. Exclusive access to entrance and stairs which lead to it. (Leaseholders responsibility to maintain).

I like the idea of battery connected smoke alarms.

In that case I think the entrance lobby would count as a floor for the purposes of the smoke alarm regs and you’d definitely need one there.

i have a shop with 2 flats above I own all Had to put a smoke in the shop as well linked to the flats as warning to shop

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