First time using openrent need help post viewings

I am looking for a quick breakdown of what needs to be done post viewings? I had someone view yesterday that was interested but I also have a few viewings booked in for the weekend. Can someone bullet point the steps from viewing to moving in that a landlord must/ or can take?

If you don’t know this, you should be letting through an agent. There are over 160 laws that apply to letting property and unless you know what you’re doing, you could lose your shirt over a simple admin error. Its not a question of bullet pointing the steps. That will just raise ten times as many questions for you. I suggest that you find a local agent until you have time to complete some landlord training. Failing that, at least use the Rent Now service and then join one of the landlord associations and start reading.

I mean I know most of the procedure and have let myself in the past but I never used open rent and thought there would be a guideline to follow or checklist.

Hi Thomas,

We provide this guidance in our Help Centre on the steps involved in our Rent Now process:

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