Fixed term tenancy

Hello I am a first time landlord and the 12 month fixed term tenancy contract I have with my tenants is coming to an end.
I want it to end it giving 2 months notice rather than extending has anyone done this and have any tips on how to frame the notice letter.

Hi Carole, do you wish the last day of the tenancy to be the final day of the fixed term?

Hi Sam
That would be the intention, that being the case I am thinking the notice must be served by the 31st March with a last date for the tenancy being the 31st May.



Try the government’s website, it tells you exactly what you need to include in your notice and when to serve it.

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Hi Carole,

Yes, you can serve a section 21 notice that expires on any day after the end of the fixed term as long as you give the necessary notice period (i.e. two monts). It used to have to expire at the end of a rental period, but that is no longer the case.


If you are serving a section 21 my solicitor always advises 2 months and a week
If the tenants don’t vacate and you need to go to court their defence will be they did not get a full two months as there was a delay in the post etc ( depending on how your notice is served wrt your contract)
Which will result in you going straight back to the notice board
Make sure you spell names correctly and all named on contract are named on the notice. That’s a very easy way to lose your case