Ending tenancy on fixated term contract

My fixed term contract with the current tenants comes to an end in July. How much notice do I need to give that I’m not extending it? As it is they are loud and party weekly, my partner is worried when they know I don’t want to extend their contract they’ll just make even more noise (we live below) but equally I want them out and want to give proper notice (also I don’t know why they would assume they can stay when we’ve been complaining to them about their noise, as they keep waking our baby). Many thanks.

Its probably a month
Read your contract it will tell you
But they don’t have to go because you to tell them too
You may need to serve an eviction notice and it’s a 6 month notice period

Their tenancy doesn’t end when the fixed term expires, it just becomes periodic. If you want them to go you have to serve notice. Currently 6 months in most cases. Then you just hope they don’t drag you through the courts.

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