Flat is falling apart after movied in

I have issues with the apt i moved into.
Its been a month since i moved in but the issues only started to appear recently.
The flat has been renovated just before so i couldnt see the problems straight away.
Due to weather change the foundations started to sink (subsidence)on the week 3. That exposed cracks in walls that were covered up. Small storage space where i have stashed some of my items got completely floodèd with rain water. Cracks are big enough to put a finger in, theres draft.
The heating is stuck in the on position. Thermostat is not controlling it. If the boiler is set to heating just water it outputs to the radiators full on.
There is machine made semi-constant
noise from the upstairs neighbours appliance. I think its a freezer as its long and mild but very annoying vibration, not intensive enough to me washing machine. It did get worse after cracks begun to show.

I have contacted the landlord and all I I hear is that he knows about the issuess and he wants to send insurance inspectors to investigate.

He knew about the subsidence problem before i moved but did not tell me anything about it. Combined eith The heating and flooding its just too much for me.
What can i do here?

There has been several people going through my apartment during my tenancy already to to investigate those , while nothing has been really done.

I find it disturbing to be put in this situation somewhat deliberately. I moved here with my furniture and all and am devastated now. Its been impossible to self isolate.

What are my options here? can i break the contract?
Get refunded?

No, you cant legally just break the tenancy with the problems you describe. You should tell the landlord the problems are intolerable and offer to surrender the tenancy. If he refuses, get the local Environmental Health Oficer around. He will have more powers than you. If the Council issues an improvement notice then the landlord will be forced to act and may just take you up on your offer to surrender.