Found tenant - next step?

Hi all. I have found tenants for my house. If I ask for a Holding deposit am I then committed to using openrent referencing and AST set up etc? I am Sure that this has been asked before but couldn’t find the topic - so apologies if people are repeating themselves. Thanks

Hi Jayne, no problem. If the tenant clicks Rent Now on your advert, and you accept a holding deposit from them, then you will need to pay for Rent Now in order to use that service.

If you don’t want to use Rent Now then you will need to ask them to pay any holding deposit you require directly to you.

Obviously(!) I would recommend using Rent Now as it’s a fantastic service, but have a look at the details and make sure it’s for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you. How much is the holding deposit is it a % of the rent? Thanks

Since the Tenant Fees Act came into force, holding deposits are now capped at 1 week’s rent.