So confused.. using openrent first time

ok I listed first time on here in December.
I have one listing which i paid £49 for the Rent Now service.

Got one potential guy who just thought it was an introduction service and I would just give it to him.

I paid the rent now service so I could get the referencing done!.

But when I go to the page it wants me to pay £20 for it. I thought it was free to landlords? He told me he has paid £200 holding deposit. But I don’t see anywhere where I can see this.

I wanted to call openrent but the number does not go anywhere and because my time is so limited, I cannot just access the internet and email like that. They did call me today when I was in a meeting and could not answer.

So whats the deal ? Why is it that I am being charged £20 to reference when I read it from the start that it is free for landlords ?

Ideally I would just like to speak to someone within a couple of minutes. Not find out where I have to write an email to and possibly wait 24 hours in between responses!


Hi Roy,

If tenants use the ‘Rent Now’ service, then the tenants will be charged the referencing fee once they pay the deposit and first months rent. The cost of referencing is deducted from the holding deposit, as you say:

However, you can also request a standalone reference, which you will have to pay up front. It sounds like this is the option you chose here.

Please drop us an email at and we’ll be able to look into this for you and ensure that Rent Now is being initiated without a duplicate standalone reference also being purchased.

Kind Regards,