Fraudulent listing

Hi ive just recently been scammed by a rogue landlord after transfering him over 1k.when i clicked on listing it just says message landlord or book a veiwing.i sent a message that im interested in this rent sent me an email saying you have a new message from landlord but no mention of not to transfer any money to landlord just no warning at all.i transfered the money then next day i get an email of open rent to say theyv took listing down as it was a fraudulent listing but you will not lose any money paid.but now they are saying i cant be refunded because i never sent them the money.but like i sed they never gave me advice also how did this rogue landlord manage to list this false property surely they havnt done all the correct procedures and checks otherwise this wouldnt have happened.i think they are liable becuase they just keep fobbing me off.can anyone give me any advice.ive reported it to action fraud police and also contacted bank but the bank are saying im not certain to get my money back.