Taking house back

My husband has been diagnosed with Dementia /alzeimers. We rent out the family home and need to move back in as my husband cant settle where we are and all he talks about is the family house and needing to be there. Where do i stand about re possession of our house? Will we have to serve notice and wait for 6 months? Our tenant moved in on 17th june 2017, im at my wits end… Thanks x

My heart goes out to you. You will need to service section 21. As this is no fault eviction . I’m sure if you explain to your tennent your curcumstances. They should do the decent thing and find somewhere. I know the courts are expected to give priority to special circumstances . Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that .? I’m in court very soon with a £5,000 arrears at least. I sympathise with you. Your case is surely a needy one . I wish you and your his and all the best x

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Sorry to hear of your troubles. I’d get serving that notice as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so. Maybe put a nice letter of explanation in. Hope they do the right thing by you.

Thanks for replies, my tenant seems very understanding thankfully, and i told him i will help with whatever he needs help with, hes never missed his rent and has been a good tenant. I have to think of my husband though X

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That’s amazing you are both sorting it out. Hope you are back in soon and things improve somewhat with your husband. Best wishes

Thanks all, back in the house now :pray:, need to get the deposit back for him now x

Phew! Well done and hope your husband feels more settled now.

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