Gas Certificate.. do I really need it?

How does the government actually punish people without a gas certificate?
My tenants are staying on so is it really necessary to get another one?

Yes it is the law. Why would you put your investment at risk? You will invalidate your insurance as it forms part of your fire safety check
Your local authority can take action. Under fitness for human habitation the tenant can take action against you independent of the LA

These certificates were introduced to save lives. We pick up a leak every couple of years in at least one of our properties
If you need to serve a section 21 you cannot without a valid certificates. Solicitors are advising that you keep all gas certificates for the entire tenancy for six years after the end

Gas safety regulations were discussed recently in a Landlord Law webinar
I suggest you listen to it


The point is not whether the government punishes you or not. The point is people who rent from you can die if you don’t check it.

If you don’t do it in your own house so be it, but you should not jeopardize someone else’s life because you want to save £100!

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Why do you want to hand a loaded gun to your tenants? They could take you down any time you have a dispute with them.

I don’t know why you would even think about risking it?? It’s literally £45 with OpenRent - pennies compared to what you could be facing if you didn’t have it.

Surely this is not a serious question?

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This is the sort of question that gives landlords a bad name.

If you don’t get it for the good of your tenants, get it for your own peace of mind…

So, you don’t get it and the boiler turns out to have a blocked flue or something and your tenants die of carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s you in jail for manslaughter then! That’s worth the money saved then isn’t it!

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