Gas & Electric certificates | Scheduled for 22nd October | Can tenants move in before they're completed?

My flat has a gas boiler but no other gas appliances.

We have scheduled, via OpenRent, for both gas and electricity checks to be completed on the first available date - 22nd October.

Are tenants allowed to move into the property before these checks have been completed?

No. You need to have both certificates before a tenant can occupy.

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I always get them to sign a form that they have received the Elec cert, the gas cert ,The EPC cert… and where the Deposit has been lodged, Etc


That’s what I suspected, but I wasn’t sure if there were any clauses relating to ‘in progress’.

Good tip.

I’ve ordered the checks via openrent, will they become available for the tenants to view automatically?

You have to have evidence that you gave copies to the tenant before they moved in. I give them electronically and add them to the signature sheet tenants sign to say the received them.

You really are new to this arent you. Join one of the LL organisations as they have so much information and you need to know a lot today.
There are many reasons you must not let tenants in before handing over these docs with serious consequences if you dont

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