Gas Engineer did not carry out a Service

I’ve used OpenRent to find a gas safety engineer to service my tenant’s combi-boiler and issue a GSC. This was done on November 2nd. My tenants have come to put the heating on for the Christmas period and the heating has failed. I’ve had a local gas engineer in who says the boiler hasn’t been serviced at all and that the failed part is down to long time ware and doesn’t simply break, which would have been identified at the service. Who can I contact at OpenRent to take this matter up as this website is quite bewildering !

Are you sure you paid for a ‘Service’ or just a ‘Gas Safety Certificate’?

If the later, have you not got any service paperwork or checklist sent after the job was done? You’d expect that to have contact details on.

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Oh please, do I look or sound like an idiot ? Yes, I paid for both Service & Certificate. No, the contact details are not valid (i.e the contact number is unobtainable). And it’s latter, not later…

It is also wear and not ware .We can all make a spelling mistake .

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Being so touchy won’t get you very far here.

Boiler services are generally nothing of the sort, especially on older boilers. Any experienced gas engineer realises that breaking seals on components often equals leaks when put back together and so avoided and amounts to bare essentials only.

The only service I would trust would be by a brand specialist who carries a load of spares.


This is the first time Iain8 has posted it says. I’ll therefore forgive his aggresive nature and grammar police approach. Hopefully he’ll mellow and accept advice in the nature in which it was intended. Welcome to the forum. Happy Christmas all.


This sentence should have been broken up with full stops.

Failing this, there should be a comma after ‘at all’, and another after ‘ware’.

The word ‘in’ should not be there, and ‘would’ should read ‘should’.

‘November 2nd’ should read ‘2nd November’.

Thank you Ms T.

You are very welcome!

Norty noorte naughty person.

does it matter that someone hasn’t posted before, also it wasn’t him that was correcting his own grammar and it wasn’t even grammar it was spelling.