Gas ignition not working - is providing gas lighter OK?

Hello I have a fully functioning gas cooker but the ignition doesn’t work, hence the tennant needs to either use matches or use a lighter (i.e. safety clicker / lighter). The tennant doesn’t wan to do this and says that I should replace the hob. Is providing a clicker OK legally?

yes it is ok i have done that


Thanks Colin for your advice

what usually happens is that they get damaged by a cleaning cloth snagging on the igniton or rusting thru… They never last as long as the rest of the hob/


yes, I two burners don’t ignite in mine, I have not even provided the lighter, u can get for a pound, all safe and don’t need to raplace full hob

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Thanks Shantala I agree, thats given me some piece of mind

Do the rings work? My understanding is ghat its illegal to have a gas burner with non-functioning burners.

How old is the cooker, if its getting on a bit maybe change it for electric hob far safer.